Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dutch ABC spotted!

At first I was quite sceptical about the existence of our (The Netherlands') very own Alien Big Cat, but now, both photos and videos have surfaced.

Pantera, a foundation dedicated to the defence of big cats in Europe, have made it their mission to find and capture the alleged puma (which they've named ‘Winnie the Poohma’) roaming the ‘Hoge Veluwe’ alive. As opposed to Dutch police, who just want to shoot the animal, because it poses too great a threat to the public.

Looking at the film and pictures, to my untrained eye it does appear that the ABC is feline. However, I have my doubts about its size. The images have been taken at a considerable distance, and there is hardly anything to in the surroundings to compare the cat against.

Also, some experts have spoken out, saying that the ABC can’t be a puma, because it’s the wrong color. Love how that works: first there is no puma, because there’s no hard evidence. Now there’s evidence, but the cat’s no puma, because the color’s wrong!

Another interesting fact is that Dutch authorities are studying the video made by Pantera, to make sure they’re no fake. The same authorities that have been putting expensive personnel on the Hoge Veluwe for days, to protect the public!

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