Thursday, June 30, 2005

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dutch ABC spotted!

At first I was quite sceptical about the existence of our (The Netherlands') very own Alien Big Cat, but now, both photos and videos have surfaced.

Pantera, a foundation dedicated to the defence of big cats in Europe, have made it their mission to find and capture the alleged puma (which they've named ‘Winnie the Poohma’) roaming the ‘Hoge Veluwe’ alive. As opposed to Dutch police, who just want to shoot the animal, because it poses too great a threat to the public.

Looking at the film and pictures, to my untrained eye it does appear that the ABC is feline. However, I have my doubts about its size. The images have been taken at a considerable distance, and there is hardly anything to in the surroundings to compare the cat against.

Also, some experts have spoken out, saying that the ABC can’t be a puma, because it’s the wrong color. Love how that works: first there is no puma, because there’s no hard evidence. Now there’s evidence, but the cat’s no puma, because the color’s wrong!

Another interesting fact is that Dutch authorities are studying the video made by Pantera, to make sure they’re no fake. The same authorities that have been putting expensive personnel on the Hoge Veluwe for days, to protect the public!

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Mijn broertje is geslaagd. Hij studeerde grafisch ontwerpen aan de WDKA in Rotterdam. Zijn twee afstudeerprojecten zijn vet:
  1. Een extreem minimale huisstijl voor de Europeesche Unie, bestaande uit (bijna) blanco briefpapier, enveloppen, kaartjes etc. en een grote bos sjablonen waarmee je de dragers zelf van invulling kan voorzien. Het paspoort geeft uitleg over alle sjablonen. Mooi!

  2. Een samen met een studiegenoot vervaardigd magazine rond het thema "Rotterdam Waterstad", welke vervolgens verscheurd is en in oranje plastic bakstenen in de Maas is gegooid. Van de actie hebben ze en video gemaakt, en is verslag gedaan in het Rotterdams stadsnieuwsblad.
Ties' afstudeerproject

Foto's van de diploma-uitreiking en het werk van Ties op Flickr.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dutch Alien Big Cat

This is so cool. For a few days now, police in The Netherlands are hunting down an alleged puma on the Hooge Veluwe, a large natural reserve.

To me, being a Fortean, this is a treat. Alien Big Cats is a phenomenon well recorded in Fortean literature where multiple people start seeing a large felid in or around a specific location. Sometimes the animal is never found; sometimes it turns out to be a dog, cat or other domestic animal. And sometimes it turns out to really be a wild cat.

Whatever it turns out to be, I'm enjoying seeing this strange phenomena play out in the Dutch media, who have no clue, and seeing where the mass hysteria will take us.

(Also check out this British ABC roundup at the excellent Fortean Times.)

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Lessons learnt at Reboot 7.0

  • More play (see
  • Make your software social (how?)
  • Keep things open (no gatekeepers)
  • Get blogging to work for you
  • Contribute to a new online etiquette
  • Get real
  • Take the natural reactions of the human brain into account when creating interfaces
  • Beauty isn't just on the outside, but also on the inside
I might go into some of these points in more detail later on.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Reboot buzz

So, Reboot 7.0 has come and gone. I'm sitting here, just got back to my hotel from the afterparty at Vega. Supposedly the hottest club in Copenhagen. Lonely Planet was right about the amount of obscenely good looking and well dressed people present. Good times.

Before I go to sleep just a thought about how to incorporate at least parts of what I've seen and heard these two days into my daily practice as a designer. People like Jason Fried and Matt Webb really push me to become a better professional. We'll see where it'll go.

Also, had a lot of fun with two people from the friendly competition over at Rhinofly. Greetings to Nicoline and Jurgen!

Looking forward to seeing you again, Netherlands...

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

What is mobile life really about? - Christian Lindholm

Great moment at Reboot: Christian Lindholm of Nokia asks everyone who owns an iPod to stand up. More than half of the audience rise. Then he asks everyone to take the iPod out of their pocket. Two people do.
"If you're not in the pocket, you're not mobile."
"If it's not in the pocket, it's not mobile."
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Reboot, day 2, starting up

Well, the first day was a success, highlights including Jason Fried and the plazes people. We had a few drinks in the evening at Nyhavn. Now it's just a few moments before Cory Doctorow kicks off Reboot day 2!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Tom in z'n hippe Reboot t-shirt

Reboot 7
Originally uploaded by Kaeru.

Reboot 7 notes

Notes of talks by speakers at Reboot 7 at my Backpack page.

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Jimbo's photos

Great moment during Jimmy Wales' talk on Wikipedia: his Mac OS X screensaver kicks in while he's answering questions, showing great photo's of his daughter (I asssume.) At a certain point, he notices, and mumbles "oh, that's nice."

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Reboot 7 1st impressions

Right. So, the first half day of Reboot has passed. Some first impressions:
  • The venue is pretty cool. It's an old glass factory on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Refitted as a sports facility.
  • Excellent sandwiches for lunch (and excellent serving)
  • Blog, blog, blogblogblog; Reboot is pretty heavy on the blogging scene
  • Did we mention blogging? ;-)
  • The hotel room reminds us of either a former Russian submarine, or a cabin at the Starship Enterprise
  • Two kinds of people at this conference: those with and those without a laptop (or blog)
  • ...
More to come!

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Blogging again

Watching Jason McCabe Calacanis at Reboot 7 and decided to start blogging again.

Todo: get my links in here.

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